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Blanita 2 Pc Set - Black S/M

Blanita 2 Pc Set - Black S/M

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 Blanita 2 Pc Set 

Good news you've just found the perfect set! Blanita is a heavenly combination of black and classic elegance. Soon, you'll be accompanied by a satin bra and a skirt with wonderful lace in your bedroom! Beautiful body hugging lingerie is your best friend when it comes to an evening for two.


  • An exceptional bra and skirt that emphasises feminine shapes
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Multistage bra closure which will take care of the ideal fit
  • Sexy, lace decorated bra
  • High waisted pencil skirt with floral lace on the sides
  • Decorations in the form of a triangular cut-out on the back and a silver pendant on the front
  • The wonderful satin material shines delicately
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