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Buck'd Lube Injector - 4 Pc Bottle Adapter

Buck'd Lube Injector - 4 Pc Bottle Adapter

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The Buckd Lube Injector quickly converts most lube bottles into a lube injector and makes lubrication much easier. The injector which is great for trans men because of the dryness sometimes caused by the use of testosterone and the resulting imbalance in hormone levels. Its also something that many women going through menopause can benefit from if they are experiencing vaginal dryness.

The 4 inch interchangeable plastic injector comes with a small and large lube bottle cap. The injector has comfortable finger pump holds, that lets you inject the perfect amount of lubricant with no back flow. The injector also comes with a sanitary storage and travel cap. The hose attachment can be cut to fit multiple size bottles.


  • Sanitary Storage Cap
  • 4 inch Plastic Nozzle
  • Small Lube Bottle Attachment
  • Large Lube Bottle Attachment
  • Comfortable Finger Pump Holds
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