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Heavy Squeeze Weighted Ball Stretcher - Includes Weights

Heavy Squeeze Weighted Ball Stretcher - Includes Weights

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Heavy Squeeze Weighted Ball Stretcher  

HEAVYSQUEEZE weighted ballstretcher hangs weights on your ballbag, puts three weights directly on your sack in rubbery holders attached to our best original SQUEEZE ballstretcher.

HEAVYSQUEEZE comes with 3 stainless steel weights you can add separately for added weight, less when you want, more when you NEED!
Most ballstretchers that use weights hang weights on hooks under your sack or around the sides on a parachute where they swing and bang your thighs or balls but HEAVYSQUEEZE puts the weight in the middle of the ballsack ABOVE your balls, where the weight has the most feel.

Three weight pockets are spaced around the perimeter of the stretcher for more balance weights that tug you evenly, that tug down all the way around.
The hourglass shape grips, its got inner rings at the top and bottom keep BUZZSQUEEZE from sliding down a sweaty greasy sack so this thing stays on even while you stand and pump.

HEAVYSQUEEZE comes with three stainless steel rod weights that wont rust or corrode, it’s the tugger that becomes part of your sex, fit on you the right way.


  • Made from our best, max stretch Flextpr
  • Our original SQUEEZE ballstretcher design plus added 3xWEIGHTS
  • Hourglass shape grips you most in the middle
  • Inner no slip rings keep HEAVYSQUEEZE locked in place
  • Puts the tug directly on your sack not under
  • Phthalate free and no scent.
  • Lube safe : Water based lube, hybrid or silicone lube recommended. Oil base lubes not recommended.
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