Collection: Massage & Drip Candles

Massage candles are a great way to introduce some lite BDSM. The melted candle wax, which doubles as an oil, can be used in the same way a drip candle can be used. A great way to introduce a blindfold and some tactile sensations. Light the wick and allow the small flame to heat and melt the wax, which when heated turns into a massage oil. Drip or lather your partner in oil and explore one another intimately through touch.

Or simply burn the candle and allow the lovely aroma to set the mood and use the oil to massage your lover, relaxing and unwinding in one another's arms. 

Massage vs Drip Candle:  

Drip candle: Wax play is a form of temperature play practiced in a BDSM context, in which wax from a candle is dripped onto a person's naked skin, in order to introduce a slight burning sensation to the skin.

Massage Candle: A massage candle melts into a mixture of oils that you can use for massages or sensual touching during foreplay. They're a really great tool to set the mood with your partner, giving your lover a massage can be a really sweet and intimate way to show them affection.



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