Collection: Urethral Toys

Men use urethral toys, also known as "sounds," for various reasons, including sexual stimulation and experimentation. Some people find the sensation of having something inside the urethra to be pleasurable, while others enjoy the fetish aspect of it. Evie Rose Lingerie has a large variety of Urethral Sounds ranging from stainless steel to silicone, with various dimensions. Shop Urethral Rods online today!

It is important to note that urethral play can be dangerous if not done properly and with proper precautions, so it is crucial to educate oneself and use proper safety measures.

Melt By We-Vibe

The onlyΒ Pleasure Airβ„’ stimulator designed for couples; surrounds the clitoris with pulsating waves and gentle suction, while the curved design fits perfectly between 2 bodies in any position.

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