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Fat Willy 3 Pc Jumbo Cockrings - Orange

Fat Willy 3 Pc Jumbo Cockrings - Orange

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Fat Willy 3 Pc Jumbo Cockrings  

Fat Willys are shaped to grip you soft or hard, 3 max grip cokrings that will not roll. They flatten out as you stretch so they stay where you put them meaning no rolling so no pinch. Fat Willys are what are called fuck rings so they grip tighter for maximum bone hardness.

Made of soft rubbery stretchy flextpr so these might be the best size best fit rings we offer. For you bigger ballers stack these on your nutbag for gradual rubbery stretch that you control.


  • Right size for a more grip where you want, wont roll
  • 3 rings you can layer cockring or ball ring or shaft ring
  • Max stretch Flextpr material fits and feels amazing and lasts
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