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Oxshot Butt Nozzle - 6" Shower Hose

Oxshot Butt Nozzle - 6" Shower Hose

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OXSHOT 6 deep-reach power wash platinum silicone butt nozzle plus ATOMIC JOCK cock ring by OXBALLS.

Hosing out is a chore OXSHOT 6 butt nozzle gets the job done faster, easier and more comfortable. The flexible hose is made of platinum silicone for smother slicker entry so much better than hard plastic or metal hose nozzles, and it’s got a tapered tip with flared water hole for better flow you can manoeuvre and direct where you need.

We designed the flow of this hose so you can adjust for softer flooding and filling or more of a power wash stream. Hoses with smaller holes sprinkle water everywhere you don’t need it. The nylon threaded fitting fits every brand shower hose and will not leak.

OXSHOT 6 has max reach for extra deep clean deeper clean, deeper play. OXSHOT is firm enough to direct water flow with a soft enough feel for easy, wet pucker pegging. Why the ATOMIC JOCK cock ring? Why not boner up while you use the hose perfect cock ring ring for wet situations designed to stay put with our inner flattening no-roll design so it stays where you need. OXBALLS gets you clean this time.


  • Platinum Silicone smooth hose 6 inch
  • Larger water channel for smooth H2O flow
  • Flexy firm hose you can direct flow
  • Fits all shower hoses
  • ATOMIC JOCK cock ring included for extra shower fun
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